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What is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing is printing from a digital based image (file) directly onto material without any plates and setup times are only fractional compared to older, conventional printing processes like the previously mentioned flexographic printing process. With some of the globally latest inkjet printing technology we utilize, even the printing speeds are rapidly rivaling that of Flexography.


Why Digital?


  • Economically suitable for very short - long runs with many versions
  • Very short setup times including multiple versioning creates significant time savings
  • Can incorporate individualization such as variable data (sequential numbering etc.) as well as variable, random imaging
  • Very fast turnaround times
  • Much lower unit cost on short runs
  • Inexpensive press proofs


  • Cost of equipment, ink and maintenance is relatively high
  • Equipment needs to be replaced more frequently to keep up with technological improvements
  • Varnishing, over laminating and die cutting is an additional, separate process



  • The print engine is on a CEI ( Converting Equipment International) infeed and outfeed platform that was custom made to our specifications. This allows for jumbo web rolls for unwind and rewind as well as the integration of in line lamination, cold foil, dual webs, and various decoration capabilities.
  • Achieving 93% of gamut with G7 running expanded gamut CMYKOV +Wht. AND TWO onboard flexo stations for special mixes and metallics. This ultimately allows us to print 100% of colors as well as specific brand unique mixes.
  • Amazing samba trapezoidal head technology
  • We can print multiple alpha/numeric variable data fields on the face of the labels including variable QR codes, bar codes, sequential numbering ascending/descending, special customer supplied data sets, ask your CSR for more info …
  • Versioning – multiple versions of labels or variable images can be printed on the rolls from start to finish, ask for more info
  • Rolling warning messages, example the 8 health Canada warning messages required for Cannabis.

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