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Pharmaceutical & Medical

Label Resources has the right labels to prescribe your products!

Manufacturing Exceptional Pharmaceutical and Medical labels must meet or exceed your products specific application from tight mandrel & frozen vial applications – through to crisp, legible text for drug labels, patient instructions, patient test kits, test vessel identification, etc.


Identification and understanding of important product & usage information is top priority for Brands and end-users.

Incorporating variable data such as alpha numeric codes, barcodes, QR codes etc, that correspond to your preferred database. Up to six variable fields per label incorporated into the graphics or as stand-alone text/characters. We can print from your supplied database including variable graphics and custom lot & health information.

Label rolls are individually packed or boxed in groups per your specifications on paper or synthetic materials. Consecutive Liner numbering and various liner markings available as well as core sizes of 1”, 1.5”, 1.625”, and 3”.

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