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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Label & Packaging Material

We are proud to offer label and packaging solutions made with sustainable material — Stone Paper labels and film are an innovative new alternative to traditional and pure synthetic paper, made using 80% mineral content CaC03. Not a single tree or drop of water is used during the manufacturing of Stone Paper materials, nor any of the harmful acids, dyes, and bleaches otherwise required to whiten and treat pulp-based paper. This process avoids the air and water pollution associated with pulp paper production, while also using 85% less energy that results in up to 67% smaller front-end carbon footprint.


Stone Paper natural labels is an unbleached, uncoated, waterproof, and tear resistant inorganic adhesive. It contains 80% mineral base CaC0₃ with 90% natural whiteness.

The beauty of this eco-friendly substrate is that it is very durable, with a beautiful natural look and feel. This sustainable and innovative product has no grain or fiber, and feels and looks amazing.

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